Raising Children to be Drug-free

Having grown up in a society where drugs are passed around like candy at dances and social gatherings, which probably happens in the U.S. as well, I’ve seen first hand at what it can do to lives. The Way To Happiness video for the Precept Be Temperate speaks thousands.

Yesterday was the beginning of Red Ribbon Week, which is nationally recognized as the week to promote and encourage living without harmful drugs.  My son’s school scheduled a week long set of events as part of Red Ribbon Week, which includes drug education seminars and voluntary drug testing by middle school and high school students.  The school has a statistic that every student volunteered and 100% passed their drug test. This, I think, is a pretty big deal.

Every day I find more reasons why I love this school and why I think Delphi Academy is so awesome. This is one of them.