The Delphi Difference

The Delphi Academy of Los Angeles just released a YouTube video produced by an alumnus describing the Delphi difference. It is a wonderful video that truly captures how Delphi parents and alumni feel about the Delphi education.

I was raised in Kingston, Jamaica where I was educated based on the British school system. I did OK in school, but I struggled a lot. I somehow got by but only through hours and hours of tutoring and after school classes. I was basically in school 8-10 hours a day, 5 days a week and sometimes weekends to get through my requirements. It was grueling. I gave up piano and sports to focus on my studies the last year of high school. The hard work paid off but I wished there was a better way.

When I came to US after high school, I was introduced to Scientology where I learned Study Technology in detail. I was amazed at how the three barriers to study can prevent comprehension and at how easy it is to remedy this. Having learned this technology, I then went off to college and studying was completely different. Studying for college was not nearly as arduous as it was in high school.

Then I met Zack. Zack is a Delphi alumnus. His ability to read, learn and apply was astounding to me. He was raised and educated with the knowledge of the Barriers to Study, which Delphi applies and utilizes to achieve their remarkable results. I was (and still am) totally jealous of his education and the opportunities got as a result.

The Delphi program encompasses more than just learning facts and figures. It encourages a lifetime of learning and provides the tools to children so they can achieve whatever dream they may have. It is this reason why we chose to send our children here, so they can have the best start in life and have the opportunities to achieve their goals.


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