Why did I get a Microsoft Surface?

For the longest time I’ve wanted a tablet that would be a fully functional desktop replacement.  Back when the Toshiba Portege was around, I marveled at the idea of a laptop that doubled as a tablet.  It was a great idea, but clunky. The stylus and touch mechanisms weren’t very smooth, and back then they were clearly early market versions that didn’t quite reach a polished product.

When the iPhone released, I like everyone, loved the touch screen, but I also immediately thought, “Wow. Wouldn’t it be great to make that whole screen a tablet that ran a full OS?”  My dream was coming closer to reality.

Along comes the iPad. Well, I was really excited. And, equally disappointed when I heard it only ran iOS.  Why hasn’t anyone developed a touch screen laptop replacement?

So, when the Surface was released, I was stoked.  But then came the bad reviews.  I mulled this over for several months.  Then in May, Zack finally convinced me to just get it.  Even with the bad battery life, the baby eco-system, the buggy Windows 8 OS, I can finally grasp and hold a tablet style laptop replacement.  And he was right.

I waited almost 7 years for this.  Go get it.  And so I did.  And I haven’t regretted it since.


2 thoughts on “Why did I get a Microsoft Surface?

  1. There really are some decent things to recommend Microsoft’s mobile O/S approach. Despite the fact that I became a Linux sysadmin nearly /entirely/ due to my loathing of Microsoft, I have my whole family on WP8 phones right now (Lumia 1020 for me, Lumia 920 for my au pair, Lumia 900 for the wife). The app ecosystem is rather lacking, but the basic functionality (email, text, phone, contacts, camera, etc) is extremely polished.

    • I considered getting a Lumina myself but I’m too heavily invested in the iPhone ecosystem. I did like how lightweight the phones were. They seem more sturdy than the iPhones and the camera looks great. In the end I decided to stick with the iPhone and enjoy my Surface.

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