If a picture could describe how a mom feels…

This is at 7:39 PM, after dinner, after school, after a big week at summer camp, when dad has been away for 10 nights.


Mom is going to bed early tonight.


How to Change a Kid’s Life in 20 Minutes

Great scouting story!

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How to Change a Kid's Life in 20 MinutesThis story starts long ago in the dim ages, when bear and bison swarmed the forest and the prairie. Or about 2004, which ever you prefer.

I was working at a sporting goods/automotive store at the time, at the customer service counter. A father and his son, who appeared to be about 11, came in and asked where the camping equipment was.

I pointed them towards the two areas that held our camping merch, and was about to go about doing something else boring when the boy piped up, “I’m going on my first Boy Scout campout!”

Now, if you’ve read my other stories, you’ll know that I’m an Eagle Scout. I take this position very seriously, and will do everything in my power to encourage and help young scouts on their trail to Eagle. So I looked over at my boss, a nice lady who hired me because of…

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A late afternoon at Descanso Gardens

Last weekend on April 26, the Descano Gardens hosted the Congressional Art Competition Exhibition & Award Ceremony featuring many outstanding student works of art including 3 students from the Delphi Academy of Los Angeles. The art was truly exceptional, with amazing work from 9th and 10th graders.  I wouldn’t want to be the judge to decide the grand prize winner and runner-up. 

So, for me it was just a wonderful chance to see great art from “budding” artists, yet whose work is no less amateur than say Edgar Degas. 

To get a sense of the quality of the art from this competition, you can view current winners online. As of this writing, the website hadn’t updated to 2015 winners yet, but you will still get a sense at how phenomenal it is. 

Aside from the exhibition and ceremony, we got a chance to explore the magical Descanso Gardens.
Here are some snaps of the kids. 

Orion sitting by the pond


Claire imitating the turtle


This is literally my first post in years

I, too, have been annoyed at the incorrect use of “literally”, but this puts the evolution of the language in context. Refreshing and great read.


This is something that I’m sure a lot of people have noticed: there is trend toward using the word “literally” in a sentence where the speaker is not actually being literal. For instance:

“There were literally a million people at Dave’s party” (when not even 50 people showed up)
“I literally dropped dead from shock” (when of course that didn’t happen)

This is really starting to irritate people, and “literally” even appeared on a few lists of “words to ban in 2015” such as TIME and TYT. Of course, those aren’t literally attempts to ban the word (ha!), but this is definitely an indication of how annoyed people are.

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Legoland California

Over Christmas, my aunt gave me three tickets to Legoland California, which are expiring this Saturday. Between the travels and work obligations, our last chance to go was this past weekend. So we did a day trip and made the two hour drive to Carlsbad. It was so much fun. Legoland has the perfect assortment of rides and breakout play areas for small children. We had a great time. Complete with face painting.

  Claire showing off her unicorn face painting

Claire showing off her unicorn face painting

 Orion and his tiger face

Orion and his tiger face

Raising Children to be Drug-free

Having grown up in a society where drugs are passed around like candy at dances and social gatherings, which probably happens in the U.S. as well, I’ve seen first hand at what it can do to lives. The Way To Happiness video for the Precept Be Temperate speaks thousands.

Yesterday was the beginning of Red Ribbon Week, which is nationally recognized as the week to promote and encourage living without harmful drugs.  My son’s school scheduled a week long set of events as part of Red Ribbon Week, which includes drug education seminars and voluntary drug testing by middle school and high school students.  The school has a statistic that every student volunteered and 100% passed their drug test. This, I think, is a pretty big deal.

Every day I find more reasons why I love this school and why I think Delphi Academy is so awesome. This is one of them.

The Delphi Difference

The Delphi Academy of Los Angeles just released a YouTube video produced by an alumnus describing the Delphi difference. It is a wonderful video that truly captures how Delphi parents and alumni feel about the Delphi education.

I was raised in Kingston, Jamaica where I was educated based on the British school system. I did OK in school, but I struggled a lot. I somehow got by but only through hours and hours of tutoring and after school classes. I was basically in school 8-10 hours a day, 5 days a week and sometimes weekends to get through my requirements. It was grueling. I gave up piano and sports to focus on my studies the last year of high school. The hard work paid off but I wished there was a better way.

When I came to US after high school, I was introduced to Scientology where I learned Study Technology in detail. I was amazed at how the three barriers to study can prevent comprehension and at how easy it is to remedy this. Having learned this technology, I then went off to college and studying was completely different. Studying for college was not nearly as arduous as it was in high school.

Then I met Zack. Zack is a Delphi alumnus. His ability to read, learn and apply was astounding to me. He was raised and educated with the knowledge of the Barriers to Study, which Delphi applies and utilizes to achieve their remarkable results. I was (and still am) totally jealous of his education and the opportunities got as a result.

The Delphi program encompasses more than just learning facts and figures. It encourages a lifetime of learning and provides the tools to children so they can achieve whatever dream they may have. It is this reason why we chose to send our children here, so they can have the best start in life and have the opportunities to achieve their goals.